The most unusual submarines

The most unusual submarines

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Submarines are a terrible and secretive weapon that was originally in service with the military. It is enough just to remember Captain Nemo and his Nautilus. His submarine stood out from all that scientific and technological progress could offer at that time.

And if the military's form of submarines is already traditional, performing quite specific tasks, but civilians can afford to dream up. It is for peaceful purposes that the most unusual submarines serve. Some devices conduct unique research, while others simply serve as a way to have fun. Below are the ten most unusual submarines.

Hyper-Sub. In its surface position, this submarine quickly transforms into a speedboat. It seemed that such devices were previously available only to super-spies like James Bond. It seems that he would not refuse in one of his missions to use this fast boat, which is also capable of swimming under water. Such a device, worth $ 3.5 million, was released by Marion Hyper-Submersible Powerboat Design. The engineers spent 31 years to develop and then create their creation! But, having gone on sale, he literally turned the idea of ​​what personal submarines should be able to do. As a boat, the Hyper-Sub accelerates to 40 knots, and when submerged, the device can reach a depth of 80 meters.

Yellow Submarine. This device is famous in itself, being sung by the legendary "Beatles". They hardly imagined that they were singing about such a submarine. It accommodates only two people, but it can dive to a depth of three hundred meters. Explorers of the seascape inside the submarine have enough air for six hours. The boat is equipped with the latest technology - there are also halogen lamps, a high-frequency radio transmitter, a GPS navigator. And inside the rounded glass sphere, climate control is installed to make the underwater journey as comfortable as possible. The boat looks miniature, but you will have to pay as much as $ 2 million for the "toy".

EGO. This submarine with a technical boat is not exactly that. However, this compact catamaran boat can be cruised underwater. The cabin of the device is always submerged, but the upper part belonging to the catamaran is always above the water surface. This design significantly reduces the risks of underwater travel, and it is not at all difficult to operate the device. The company Raonhaie created such a device, which says that with her catamaran you can explore the underwater world without even knowing how to swim. To ensure complete safety, all glasses in the underwater unit are made of sturdy acrylic glass. The windshield is very large, as are the side windows. This gives passengers a great opportunity to view fish and corals while staying dry. The very place of such a submarine is in the Red Sea, with its beautiful underwater world.

The Seabreacher X. This is the second boat in the manufacturer's personal product line. If the first took playful dolphins as the basis of its form, then the second preferred to use the silhouettes of swift sharks. The submarine underwater accelerates to 25 miles per hour, and on the surface it can sail 2 times faster. At the same time, she also jumps out over the water by 4 meters. From a technical point of view, the boat is equipped with the latest technology. A video camera is built into her periscope. It can transmit images to monitors inside the submarine. Naturally, there is also a GPS navigator to display the location, as well as an on-board audio system. The manufacturer has produced only 10 such "predatory" submarines. Given the interest in them, one should expect that they will not be enough for everyone.

Super Falcon. Who said that the submarine should be a standard pitch. Marine engineer Graham Hawkes created his creation, making it look like an airplane. Naturally, the boat is personal, few people are able to shell out 1.5 million dollars for it. And it works from electric batteries. The sub has a rear-drive propeller that looks more like a regular fan. It is he who provides the boat. The battery supplies 48 volts. Super Falcon can accommodate two passengers. Only here the speed of movement is insultingly low - only 3.5 meters per minute.

Scubster. French engineer Stéphane Rawson considered that the boat did not need any engines at all. Its movement should be provided by the owner himself, using pedal traction for this. The submarine itself is made of carbon fiber. Its task is to participate in international races of submarines of this class. Continuous pedaling by the pilot can accelerate the submarine to six miles per hour, and it can sink under water to a depth of no more than six meters. The boat may be unusual, but it is certainly the most environmentally friendly. After all, she does not need any fuel. And pedaling can add health to some fat-swimming millionaire.

Trough boat. And this personal boat is propelled by pedal power. Only now its creator did not graduate from universities and did not receive a special education. The development was designed by a 14-year-old Swiss teenager Arok Kraer. Starting to build his own boat at 10 years old, after 4 years he completed the project. To create a submarine, very unusual parts were used - iron troughs, from which pigs were previously fed.

Nemo-100. The boat with this name was created by the German company Nemo Tauchtouristik. Her product is personal. Nemo is supposed to carry 2-3 tourists. A whole air supply system is used here, which allows whole essences to be under water. Convex glass windows are used to give people the best view of the panorama of the underwater world. The creators say that in such a boat, tourists can imagine how Captain Nemo felt.

Nautilus. And this boat is associated with the hero of Jules Verne. However, in such a personal submarine, not everyone can feel Nemo. The Nautilus is a luxury device, it is launched from yachts of the same class, unattainable for an ordinary tourist. When designing the structure, the engineers consulted with military consultants. Now the pilot knows that if his boat suddenly finds itself in the firing zone, nothing threatens him inside. And to while away the time in the underwater world, Nautilus is equipped with a minibar and a high-quality stereo system.

Nymph. It is perhaps not surprising that billionaires create their own submarines to their liking. There it happened to Richard Branson. He has his own airlines, he develops space tourism, he also acquired his own island for personal use. The rich man is famous for his love of extreme travel, one can at least mention the round-the-world trip in a hot air balloon. Now he also bought himself a personal submarine. Its base is Branson's personal island, Necker. And the submarine is called - "Nymph". The author of the project was the aforementioned Graham Hawkes from Hawkes Ocean Technologies. "Nymph" can dive to a depth of 30 meters. But the billionaire himself allows everyone to ride it. To do this, you need to come to his island of Necker in the Caribbean and pay 25 thousand dollars in rent. This will provide an opportunity to explore the coastal underwater world.

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